Great Comedy! - The Big Bang Theory

By Harold A. Fretheim (Juanita, WA)

The best situation comedies are those that actually believe that their audiences just might be intelligent. Frazier was the most recent however the all time finest was the BBC's 'Yes, Minister'- which broke every rule that sitcoms were supposed to meet (come one, several middle aged white guys just TALKING, Thats it? It might never work. Except that it did, brilliantly, and might have continued to do so were it not for that terminal illness of 1 of the principal actors). 

When Frazier ended I thought it would be a long time before we saw a smart, intelligent comedy again. Only then do we get the Big Bang Theory- which is not only smart but also gives us moments of slapstick hilarity too. This really is among the best situation comedies ever. It is as simple as that. This year ws not really good because the first two, but still I have laughed harder with this show tha with any other- maybe ever.

As a few of the people that have experienced The Big Bang Theory have seen, you will laugh until you cry... Well, almost. But laugh you will! The interaction - and lack of it - of the major characters is really hilarious. The writing is refreshingly sharp and to the purpose. When it becomes vague, it is because it's causing you to wait to laugh. All things happen to be said concerning the characters are dead on, but nobody I have seen has mentioned the little gem after each episode... 

Chuck Lorre (creator/writer) uses the credits to vent a bit. Some of these things are quite hilarious, and much more worth mentioning to my friends than entire episodes of other shows! In fact, if other shows had as much comedy as these little "vents", they'd quite simply! 

You certainly wish to own the discs to make the episodes flow better. And, obviously, to help you "pause" the credits to trap Lorre's missives at the end!